Cell Phone Photography Contest II Results
A photographic contest juried by Dan Burkholder, celebrated author, teacher, and photographer.

Cell Phone Photography Contest II Juried by Dan Burkholder
Congratulations to the 31 photographers whose work was accepted for this competition. We had 77 photographers submit 646 images.

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Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder's Post-Jurying Comments:
What makes a good photograph? What makes a good cell phone photograph? Should the answers be different for these two questions? If not, why have a contest just for cell phones? TPS honors this expanding photographic niche with a competition that attempts to decipher what is special, beautiful and intriguing about images made with our cell phones. Here’s what I found. The images submitted for this contest tell a story about where the medium has been — just look at the abundance of “old photo” effects — and where it’s going, with spur-of-the-moment grab shots, a comfortable casualness, and rich textures. There’s also what I like to call “the new intimacy” that a small, unassuming cell phone can bring to the image capture table. Look over the selected images and you’ll see what I mean.

There is no, one “cell phone look” that I was favoring in this contest. Things like a delightful visual ambiguity, a photo that made the eye linger, a willingness to make the “I have a camera with me!” revelation obvious — these all counted in a big way. Sometimes an image was selected because of the spontaneity, sometimes because the maker used a creative (and appropriate) selection of apps to modify the original capture. And sometimes it was an inviting photo of a dog or cat. As you can see, there isn’t a solid formula in cell phone photography any more than there is in generic photography. As Ansel once said, “there are no rules for good photographs; there are only good photographs.” Thanks to all who entered. Thanks for your eye, your talent, and your sense of exploration. You’re the new Lewises and Clarks of the medium.

About the Juror:
Dan Burkholder has a long history of looking over the photographic horizon to see, explore and teach the next great thing in imaging. His newest book, iPhone Artistry (Pixiq Press, 2011), is the definitive how-to for creative iPhone photographers. His first book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing (Bladed Iris Press, 1995) became a seminal manual for photographers wanting to blend the power of digital imaging with the charm of the handmade print.

Dan received his B.A. and Master’s degrees from Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, CA. Dan has taught digital imaging workshops for 16 years on three continents and several island countries. His platinum/palladium and pigmented ink prints are included in private and public collections internationally.

About the Contest:
Camera phones are ubiquitous and photographers are taking full advantage of recent technological advances. Texas Photographic Society is now accepting images taken with the cameras in cell phones for its first Members’ Online Gallery. This international competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers. Images must be taken with a cell phone camera and may only be manipulated with a cell phone application. No Photoshop. Please submit by Friday, June 1, 2011. The exhibition catalog of accepted entries will be created using Blurb software and the catalogue will be available for entrants and members to purchase through Blurb.com. All award winners will receive a complimentary printed exhibition catalogue. In addition, photographers whose works are designed as First, Second, and Third place winners may choose a photographic print from a selection of the TPS Print Program. Three Honorable Mention winners will receive a signed copy of Dan Burkholder's new book, iPhone Artistry, to be published in September of 2011.

First Place Karen Divine The Leg
Second Place Deena Feinberg Mon & Her Boy
Third Place Gail Samuelson Garden Ferns

Honorable Mentions
Theresa Airey Secret Garden
Colleen Drew Pink Tulip
Sharon Shero The Voyeur

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View PDF of Accepted Entries w/Winners and Honorable Mentions

Accepted Entries
Name City State Image 1 # Image 1 Title Image 2 # Image 2 Title
Theresa Airey Monkton MD 2 Secret Garden 1 Together-Alone
Tiina Anttila Houston TX 2 Travels 2 3 Travels 3
Michelle Dapra Atkinson Austin TX 6 Bug in a Bucket    
Rhonda Harris Baines Chevy Chase MD 4 Baton Rouge 9 Skyway
Nancy Baron Los Angeles CA 1 Double Rainbow    
Jean Caslin Houston TX 7 Pallbearers    
Michael Crouser Brooklyn NY 9 Union Square    
Kevin Dingman Columbia MO 3 Snowcovered Field 10 Beford
Karen Divine Boulder CO 8 The Leg    
Lynne Dobson Austin TX 10 Bounty of A Fall    
Colleen Drew Highland Village TX 3 Pink Tulip    
Rad Drew Indianapolis IN 5 Breakout    
Andrea Ewald Santa Clara CA 3 F    
Deena Feinberg Rhinebeck NY 3 Mon & Her Boy    
Sandra Freeman Dallas TX 4 Just A Bunch of Flowers    
Steve Goff Odessa TX 4 Marvin POW    
Delbert Higgins Palenville NY 1 Tree & Roots    
Janete James Patterson NY 7 Picking A Bouquet    
Laurie B. McCormick Los Angeles CA 7 Raisin    
C. Gary Moyer Maywood NJ 5 Butterfly 9 Swinger
Raymond Perez San Antonio TX 6 Cold Carts    
Elaine Powell Austin TX 10 Cat's Prey    
Jessie Quast Minneapolis MN 3 Sweet Friend    
Laura L. Robinson Dallas TX 5 Almost A Dozen    
Gail Samuelson Sherborn MA 2 Garden Ferns    
Karen Gordon Schulman Steamboat Springs CO 3 Blowin' in the Wind, Sahara 10 Howdy!
Sharon Shero Dallas TX 3 The Voyeur    
Elizabeth Siegfried Ontario   9 Wheelchair    
Wendy Simmons Brooklyn NY 2 Toes 3 Married in Kolkata
Tina Weitz Austin TX 3 Girls Night    
David White New York NY 5 Gabbi Flys High    
David White New York NY 15 Bad News 17 The Look


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