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Member Benefits > Print Program

Print Program
Collect fine photography by some of the medium's top photographers

TPS 2015 Print Program
One of the benefits of membership in the Texas Photographic Society is your eligibility to participate in the TPS Collectors' Print Program.

Follow link to purchase your Print Program print(s).

Members joining at the Friend, Patron and Benefactor levels may choose from an exclusive selection of fine prints by prominent, contemporary photographers. Join or renew your TPS membership at the Friend Level or higher and you can select one or more prints from our five artists for $195 or less per print. See the Join TPS page for discount pricing details. All prices include shipping and handling.

All images are signed by the artist and may be purchased through December 31, 2015. Please note that each print is part of a special limited edition. So, purchase your print before it is sold out! If you have any questions, you may email TPS President Amy Holmes George at

We are proud to offer the following items this year from this select group of photographers:

> Mitch Dobrowner

> Deb Schwedhelm

> Carol Golemboski
> Diane Yudelson
> Joel Salcido  

Mitch Dobrowner – Studio City, California
Serpents Tail
10.6” x 16”
Archival Pigment Print
Limited Edition: 20
Price $195

Mitch Dobrowner

This stunning image was taken in an isolated location west of Page, Arizona, on the Paria Plateau. “I see myself on a passionate mission to make up for years of lost time—creating images that help evoke how I see our wonderful planet. I owe much to the great photographers of the past, especially Ansel Adams, for their dedication to the craft and for inspiring me in my late teens. Though I have never met them, their inspiration helped me determine the course my life would take.”

Mitch Dobrowner left his home in Bethpage, New York, at 21, quitting his job, leaving his friends and family to see the American Southwest for himself. In California he met his wife, together raising three children and creating their own design studio. Years later, in early 2005, inspired by his wife, children and friends—he again picked up his cameras.

Dobrowner’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, collected and published widely. 21st Editions released two limited edition, handcrafted publications of his work: The Prophecies of William Blake and Prism Series Book #2: Mitch Dobrowner. Aperture Foundation published Dobrowner’s monograph Storms in 2013. To learn more, visit


Carol Golemboski – Lakewood, Colorado
Run,Run, Fast as You Can
9” x 9” Archival Pigment Print
Limited Edition: 20
Price $195

Carol bolemboski Run, Run, Fast as You Can suggests anxiety over the passage of time. Ironically, this squirrel will never run again, literally stopped dead in his tracks through the use of taxidermy, frozen in time by the photograph, and encased in an imaginary box that was created in the darkroom. A special limited edition pigment print of this photograph was created exclusively for TPS.

Carol Golemboski uses antiquated objects as metaphors in carefully staged scenes. Her creative process, defined by black-and-white film and darkroom printing, combines photography, drawing and photograms in ambiguous and provocative ways.

Golemboski’s Psychometry series won First Prize in the 2007 Project Competition from Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her interactive artist’s book for the iPad, also titled Psychometry, won the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award for Outstanding eBook Achievement, was a finalist in the 2014 Digital Book Awards, and won Gold in the 2014 PubWest Book Design Awards. She is an Associate Professor and Area Head of Photography at the University of Colorado Denver. Her work has been exhibited, collected and published nationally and internationally. To learn more, visit


Joel Salcido – Austin, Texas
Tangerines on Blue, Li River, China 2011
10” x 15”
Archival P
igment Print
Limited Edition: 10
Price $195

Joel Salcido
Tangerines on Blue was taken during a boat trip along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. The majestic karst mountains are known for their monumental beauty.

Joel Salcido grew up in a dual cultural reality that derived from living along the US and Mexican border. As a staff photographer at the El Paso Times, he documented the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, covered the 1985 earthquake in Mexico, and traveled extensively throughout Latin America for USA Today. In 1991 he resigned as Photo Editor of the El Paso Times to pursue a career in freelance and fine art photography. Eight years later, he moved his family to Spain to work on a yearlong project titled, Spain: Millennium Past.

Salcido’s fine art photographs are in numerous permanent collections, including El Paso Museum of Art, Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Wittliff Southwestern and Mexican Photography Collection at Texas State University in San Marcos, Federal Reserve Bank in El Paso and the University of Texas in San Antonio.

His most recent series, Aliento A Tequila, was published in the December 2013 issue of Texas Monthly and is now a traveling exhibit sponsored by Don Julio. To learn more, visit


Deb Schweldhem – Zushi, Japan
Ryder 4, Tampa, 2012
7” x 7”
Archival Pigment Print
Limited Edition: 20

Price $195

Kat Moser
From the Sea series, Ryder 4 explores a sense of place and belonging during times of change and uncertainty. The photographs in this series were made in the waters of Florida and Minnesota between 2012 and 2014. Schwedhelm plans to continue this project, over the next few years, from across the waters of Japan.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Deb Schwedhem was originally trained as a Registered Nurse and subsequently spent 10 years employed as an Air Force Nurse. Although she has been passionate about photography since her early 20s, it wasn’t until she left the military that she was finally able to pursue the medium as a full time career. Schwedhelm is married to a Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer based in Zushi, Japan. She is the mother of three children, who are often the subjects of her photographs.

Schwedhelm’s photographs have been exhibited and published internationally. She has received numerous awards, including First Prize at the 2012 PhotoNOLA Review, 2013 Critical Mass Top 50, The 6th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and selection for the 2014 Shanghai International Photo Festival. To learn more, visit


Dianne Yudelson – Pleasonton, California
Under the Surface 13
9.5” x 6.5”
Archival Pigment Print
Limited Edition: 25
Price $195

Kat Moser
“Humans are not the posed reflections we see in our bathroom mirrors. We are primarily comprised of water in a variable state of energy emission—a constant state of change. We are not static entities represented by personas perpetually influenced by society. The series, Under the Surface, aims to capture a more accurate vision of self, one that is fluid, suspended, reflective, fractured and blurred, easily subject to forces of nature and yet buoyant vessels adrift on a voyage of self-actualization.”

Dianne Yudelson is an award winning photographic artist. Her work was exhibited recently at the Natural History Museum (San Diego, California), National Geographic Museum (as part of FOTODC), Photoville’s FENCE (Boston, Brooklyn, and Atlanta) and SMASHBOX Studios. Yudelson’s images have been exhibited in Malaysia, France, Thailand, and throughout the US. She was a 2013 Critical Mass Finalist and a Julia Margaret Cameron Award winner in documentary and street photography. In 2013, she was awarded the title “Photographer of the Year” from three acclaimed international competitions: International Color Awards, Black and White Spider Awards, and World Photography Gala Awards. To learn more, visit


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